Artful Codex Comes Live!

Artful Codex Comes Live!

Over the years at Stickerbomb we’ve built a reputation for giving a platform for artists to share their work through our sticker books. Now after a decade we’re officially launching a premium royalty-free illustration collection that delivers the vibes you’ve come to know at Stickerbomb. Artful Codex is a collection of the cream of our crop including artists such as:

El Famoso: Rich and Chris Fairhead from the UK who’s worked with us for years.

Tomatozero: Alex and Lisa. The team always bring such colour into our lives.

Josh Parkin. WIth his unique style and quirky approach he loves his hand-illustrated work, the real stuff, ink on paper!


So go ahead and browse through our imagery today. We’ll be adding a lot more over the coming months and if there's something specific you want, just hit us up on

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