The Artful Codex License Commandments



The ARTFUL CODEX library of images is a stock media licensing service operated by STICKERBOMB. We don’t accept crap, promote crap, it’s all got to be top quality, that has an aesthetic that hits the highest standards.

(1) All our images are Royalty Free. If you want them changed, tweaked, modified, we can arrange for the artist to do that but it is a separate fee that we can discuss with you.

(2) When you subscribe and download an image, you get a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use that image.  What transferable means is that you can’t sell, rent, sublicense, transfer that image to a third party - it's yours to use yourself.

Which leads us onto...

(3) When you download an image, you have to use it yourself, or directly for your employer, client, or customer. If you want to share it across a bigger team, with your colleagues in in other territories, or your friends, get in touch and we’ll customise your license to cover for multiple users. 

(4) Images you download CANNOT be used with more then one client, unless you purchase a separate license.

(5) Images you download cannot be made into merchandise. If you want to do that, talk to us and we’ll set it straight with the artist. So no making t-shirts, mugs, posters, postcards, phone covers, computer skins and anything print on demand. If you want to do that, just talk to us and we’ll sort something out. We’re reasonable people!

(6) Images you download, don’t use with porn, politics, controversy.

(7) If you need to use images for film, television broadcast, documentary, you’ll need to credit the artist and us ie ‘artist name /’